ChuangZhuo CZ29 1.2 LCD Intelligent Full Frequency Conversion 360 Degree Radar Detector for Car
ChuangZhuo CZ29 1.2 LCD Intelligent Full Frequency Conversion 360 Degree Radar Detector for Car

150+/-175MHZ Supported Languages EnglishSimplified ChineseRussian Working Voltage 12 V Working Current 100~300 mA Other Features To change language: keep pressing on the -- button when the machine is not powered stop pressing it until getting powered and then press the button once again.400GHz +/- 1300MHz Laser Beam 904MN+/-33KHZ VG-2 11.125GHz +/- 175MHz Ku-band 13.450GHz +/- 125MHz Ka-band Police Ka-Band: 34. Packing List 1 x Radar detector 1 x Car charger (DC 12V / 110cm-cable) 1 x Non-slip pad 1 x English / Russian user manual.700GHz +/- 1300MHz Tripod Ka-Band: 33.525GHz +/- 100MHz K-band Police K-Band: 24.150GHz +/- 175MHz Tripod K-Band: 24.Color Black + Blue + Multi-Colored Brand Chuangzhuo Model CZ29 Quantity 1 Piece Material Zinc Alloy Function Flow Speed Detection Detection Mode Autoscan Support Band XKKuKaLaserVG-2 Screen Size 1.2 inch Warning Mode Voice alarm Warning Language OthersRussian /English/Chinese Detection Range 300~800 m Detection Angle 360 ┬░ X-band 10

Подробнее 2016.48


Лампа General Electric HB4 12V-51W 98437 53070SNU (2 штуки). Видеорегистратор Slimtec Phantom A7. Дополнительная фара SIRIUS NS-37 White

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